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Landscape & Irrigation Professionals

Smartscape is a comprehensive, research-based training program specifically designed for landscape and irrigation professionals, including the fundamentals of design, installation, and maintenance of sustainable, desert-adapted landscapes and irrigation systems. Classes are taught by local industry experts, academics, and practitioners.

Why Take Smartscape?

Attended by more than 4,000 industry professionals, Smartscape helps landscape and irrigation professionals move ahead of the competition and stay up to date on the latest industry trends, research, and practices. With informative classes, networking and marketing opportunities, Smartscape is an affordable way for professionals to strengthen their practice and innovate their business. Smartscape empowers landscape and irrigation professionals to build skills that will increase landscape water use efficiency, providing an opportunity to distinguish themselves from their competition, to provide their customers with quality service, and to take personal responsibility for a resource critical to the industry.

Smartscape Course Offerings

Explore our course offerings and find the right Smartscape program for you.

Additional Programs & Tools

Explore the many additional resources available to landscape and irrigation professionals including other training and certification programs, landscape conversion and smart controller rebates, and information for your customers.