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Pima County Course Offerings

Learn more about Pima County’s Smartscape series and individual classes.


Smartscape Series – 8 classes (24 hours) of education + Resources & Marketing + Exam day

  • The Smartscape program prepares students with essential skills for the basic design, installation, and maintenance of attractive, water-efficient landscapes that offer a unique sense of place and value to our communities. Smartscape delivers high-quality education on the best irrigation and horticultural practices appropriate for the Sonoran Desert environment. Students receive a Smartscape Study Guide with valuable information and materials, instruction from experts in the green industry, and the opportunity to earn International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) continuing education units as well as credits for the Arizona chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (AzASLA) Continuing Education System.

Advanced Smartscape – 3 classes (18 hours) of education

  • Irrigation: Design | Installation & Maintenance | Management

Advanced Smartscape – Each subject is 3 classes (9 hours) of education

  • Landscape Design
  • Plant ID/Maintenance
  • Plant Selection
  • Urban Tree Management
  • Weed ID/Maintenance

Smartscape En Español

  • Smartscape en Español
  • Clases Avanzadas de Smartscape: Irrigación
  • Clases Avanzadas de Smartscape: Diseno de los Jardines
  • Clases Avanzadas de Smartscape: Identificación y Mantenimiento de Hierbas
  • Clases Avanzadas de Smartscape: Identificación y Mantenimiento de Plantas
  • Clases Avanzadas de Smartscape: Mantenimiento de los Arboles en las Zonas Urbanas
  • Clases Avanzadas de Smartscape: Selección de Plantas